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Yoga is for everyone. Our mission is to support and empower your journey toward personal growth , well-being and happiness.

We welcome with open arms all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds. We aim to inspire   ease, confidence and a sense of possibility and potential that lasts long after you roll up your mat.

Classes are held at two beautiful venues.  Kewarra Beach Resort where you can have an absolute beachfront experience and at Synergy Studio for some tropical Zen.



New to yoga and meditation or need to brush up and be  inspired?  Join a course to get you going.

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 2017 Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our Yoga Teacher Training programs are for aspiring and experienced yoga teachers, as well as for dedicated students. Deepen your practice, unlock and engage your potential on and off the yoga mat. Our unique programs offer a dynamic, edgy and integrative approach to the art of living and embodying yoga. 

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Pop up Class!



Thursday 16th November
6pm to 7.30pm
Synergy Studio

Mandala means circle or essence, while the term, “flow” has been recognised across cultures as a state known as the “action of inaction” or “doing without doing.” A flow state is characterised as complete absorption, referred to as eighth limb in yoga, or Samadhi. 

Join Jen in a Mandala Flow that offers an embodied inquiry into stability within fluidity – life is inherently dynamic , can we find steadiness and stability amongst change and uncertainty? This creative, progressive breath-based moving meditation explores the wise use of vital energy, experiments in balance and being present. The practice will include strength, balance and flexibility, but most essentially it will instil a greater capacity to meet each moment with grace and intelligence. From this awakened presence we will set a Sankalpa.

A Sankalpa is a resolve, or resolution which will be made in a closing Yoga Nidra practice. The idea of a sankalpa is to create the life we are meant to embrace and enjoy. The purpose is to transform our life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We plant the seed of our sankalpa at the deep level of our soul, knowing that when the time is right, this is what we will be experiencing in our lives.

Synergy Studio will be lit up with candlelight and will be so beautiful!  This class is suitable for all levels.