5 easy ways to bring Mindfulness to your workday

Here are 5 easy ways to bring Mindfulness to your workday for increased productivity, happiness and reduced stress at work.   Enjoy!

1. Set the intention. 

At the beginning of your work day, take a couple of moments to breathe deeply and mentally set the intention to stay calm, present and focused throughout the day.  Use your transition to work as a time to connect to yourself, your breath, checking in.
2. Do one thing at a time

Focus your attention only on the task at hand. Slow your movements and thoughts down until you can maintain singular focus and mindfully put yourself in the 'flow zone' - this is where you are most productive and creative.
3. Take pleasure in your work when you can

Whether it's having the occasional gaze out of the window, stopping to laugh with a colleague or appreciating a task that you enjoy or do well, taking a moment to notice and appreciate the good in your workplace. Enjoying your work environment is crucial to maintaining a mindfulness practice.
4. Be present in your interaction with others. Mindful Listening.

Stop what you're doing or thinking when someone is speaking to you, and really listen to them and pay attention without judgement. 
5. Use your breaks to get back in touch with your body

Unplug from your desk and computer. Have a little stretch, go for a short walk, or take some deep breaths. When eating your lunch or having a cup of tea, take mindful sips or bites, slow down and pay attention to the physical sensations, the taste and texture of the food, or the warmth of the tea.