Wholehearted Living

Wholehearted Living

Simple practices for more authenticity, happiness, love and Truth.

The Practice

Trust Yourself

It's easy to lose confidence in ourselves.  Others can be critical, dismissive, oblivious - or worse - and the takeaway is, "Oh, there must be something wrong with me. I better hold back, edit myself, play it safe"
We can put on mask and manage our performance with a well crafted persona while at our core we hold stress, bottled up truths and disconnection from our core self.  I know I've done it. 

We start to distrust that the  authentic me is not good enough, loveable enough - and I have to be perfect.  In my experience this only created more separation and alienation from my deeper self and a restless unsettled itch that I could not scratch.

SO...How do we begin to find confidence in our own depths, the core of ourselves,  that already is  goodness, truth, and love?

With gentleness and self-compassion, take a look at yourself. Is there self-doubt, holding back, fear of looking bad or failing? If you imagine being your full self out loud, is there an expectation of rejection, misunderstanding, or a shaming attack?
Maybe you've internalised the criticism of others, and have been hugely exaggerating what is wrong about you.  This type of self inquiry and self honesty is key.  Journalling may help.

When you lighten up and tap into your own core, when you are in touch with your body and your feelings in your experience as you express it - what's that like? How do others respond?  How would this impact your relationships at work and home?

Imperfection is what is real and normal. Nobody is perfect. You don't need to be perfect to relax, say what you really feel, and take your full shot at life.
When you trust your own deep self, you will find so much that's right inside: so much knowing of what's true and what matters, so much life and heart, strength is what you find in your vulnerability - this is what guides you every day in the choices you make and leads to a happier more authentic you. 

Begin this week to trust your whole self, see what happens to be yourself, what it feels like to back yourself and show up without fear and trust if you fall you will fall into your own arms.