workplaces that thrive

More so than ever, the planet needs a new kind of leader. People who hold themselves accountable for finding potential in themselves and other people. 

These new kind of leaders are emotionally intelligent and mindful - they seek to live in full awareness of self, others, nature and society.

What you can expect from our programs:

  • Learn how to calm your mind and reduce burnout and stress. 
  • Discover how mindfulness increases productivity and performance. 
  • Experience more peace and happiness at work. 
  • Develop self-awareness and resilience to foster leadership excellence. 
  • Build a culture that is energised, engaged and purposeful. 
  • Discover why movement matters.

Mindfulness based Emotional Intelligence for Leadership, Performance and Happiness

with Jen Hamilton. 

This highly interactive workshop teaches the necessary tools for self-awareness, compassion and resilience, so people can create a better world for themselves and others.

With an emphasis on application to the on-the-ground challenges of daily work, we will explore the basic neuroscience of mindfulness, experience some easy techniques for mind fitness as well as understanding how mindfulness give rise to greater emotional intelligence for inspiring wellbeing, high performance and enhanced leadership.


Yoga for Corporate Groups

We provide yoga and meditation where you need it and when you it!  By incorporating stress relieving programs into your conference or special event, not only do you garner the appreciation of your guests and attendees, but you also increase their focus, productivity, and energy to stay on your message. 


1 - 20 people - $220

21 - 30 people - $280

31 and over - $320

Class Duration: 75 mins

About Jen

Jen Hamilton is founder of Cairns Beaches Yoga, co-founder of YogaHub Cairns and currently teaches Yoga classes, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats and Corporate Well Being Programs. 

With a background in Fitness, Yoga and Wellness for over 20 years, Jen's classes and workshops educate and facilitate the interconnectedness of movement, mindfulness and emotional intelligence as ways to promote the capacity to thrive and flourish. 

Jen teaches and presents with warmth and humour and encourages self empowerment through inner inquiry.  Her intention is always to create an inclusive environment where you deepen self awareness , experience the potential within and learn to navigate life with skill.