Deep Core Flow Retreat
to 7 Oct.

Deep Core Flow Retreat

Tap into vitality with Jen’s signature style Deep Core Flow. With a focus on informed alignment based on a sound knowledge of anatomy and contemporary movement principles you will be adventuring into yourself with core generated flowing asana sequences. You will activate your deep core through rhythmic, circular and wave like motions that will mobilise and hydrate your body while building strength, power, lightness  and ease.

We will explore, meditation, pranayama, as well as self inquiry tools and techniques to help you navigate yourself and life with skill. We will explore new ways of moving that meets YOUR body’s needs, taking your practice, awareness and love of self to a whole new level. Retreats with Jen will break you out of the same old box, revealing new territory in the body, mind and heart inspiring a dedication to living authentically, courageously and joyfully.

Jen is known for her warm and approachable style of facilitating that encourages self inquiry through curiosity, courage through vulnerability, playfulness and creativity through movement. You will leave this retreat feeling inspired, cleansed and restored.

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Foundations Level 1 – 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training
to 8 Sep.

Foundations Level 1 – 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

The Core Life 200 HR curriculum trains you to deliver a strong well-rounded group class interweaving the physical & philosophical components of the practice. This program focuses on informed alignment based on a sound knowledge of anatomy and contemporary movement principles; on experiential insight into asana, pranayama and yoga nidra; and on practicality when dealing with yoga philosophy and teaching methodology.

We encourage a creative focus that will unlock each student’s individual potential and unique expression. This involves a powerful journeying inwards to find your own voice with which to lead others along the path with skill and authenticity. Through this process you will find the inspiration and intuition to craft a practice that educates, uplifts and heals others.



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Dive Deep, Rise Strong -  Bali NYE Retreat
6:00 pm18:00

Dive Deep, Rise Strong - Bali NYE Retreat

Bali NYE Retreat with Han Wee Tan and Jen  Hamilton

The Dive Deep, Rise Strong Retreat is your invitation to recharge yourself, mind, body and soul as you recalibrate your life on the Island of the Gods. This retreat is your escape from the daily grind and a chance to let go of the old and embrace the new. This special retreat is a wonderful combination of yoga, meditation and self inquiry, giving you the resources to navigate life skilfully with a foundation for permanent and positive change in 2019.

Dive Deep into body, heart and mind. Reclaim your Worth, Creativity and Divinity. Rise Strong in celebration of who you are.

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Beginners Yoga Course
to 18 Dec.

Beginners Yoga Course

The 5 week Beginner's course is extremely valuable and highly recommended for the absolute beginner to the experienced yogi who wants to revisit basics or those who just want to relax and unwind.

Each class holds a particular focus over a rolling five-week program. Throughout the durations of the course, you will be introduced to all the main principles and techniques you’ll need to ensure a safe, healthy and holistic yoga practice.

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