Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Are you a Yoga Teacher? Teacher Trainee? Or a new graduate of Teacher Training?

This special and unique mentorship program is an opportunity for me to advise, support, direct, and caution newly trained yoga teachers. The 4 month mentorship program offers one-on-one personalised coaching, to help you transition more smoothly onto your new path and actualise yourself as a yoga teacher.

A new teacher can feel a mixture of overwhelm, excitement, uncertainty, and not knowing what the next step is after completing their first training. While entry level courses are a fantastic start they are merely a foundation upon which to continue learning, embodying and refining the art of practicing and teaching yoga. 

Here are some question you may be asking

  • I did a yoga teacher training, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to teach? 
  • How do I best approach my local studio/s for work?
  • How do I develop my ‘voice’, better dialogue, and my uniqueness?
  • What resources can help me along my teaching journey?
  • How can I consistently create good class sequences and class experiences that have my students coming back for more?
  • How can I promote myself? Do I need a website? A Facebook page?
  • What further training should I look into to further my skills and interests?
  • What should I do if… a student leaves my class? a student gets injured in my class? a student complains?
  • How do I organise and package special events, like workshops, courses, etc?
  • Should I teach for free? 
  • How much should I earn per class?
  • How do I make money doing what I love?
  • Should I quit my ‘day job’?


How we will work together:

I can work with you locally in Cairns or virtually.  During our time together you will receive open and honest feedback and direction. I will help you stay both accountable and creative. If you decide this is a good fit for you, you will receive an initial exploratory questionnaire to clarify your goals for our work together.  Our sessions will be like coaching sessions, with actionable steps to take away each time. I will give you any notes I may take during our sessions as a resource, and will offer you unlimited weekday email support during our program. 

The 4 month Mentorship Program includes the following elements

  • 1 x Personal Goal Setting – An initial meeting to set personal goals and intentions (60 mins)
  • 4 x Monthly meeting for Q&A, feedback and goal tracking (face to face or via Skype) (60 mins)
  • 4 x Monthly Teaching Assessments. For the purpose of taking your teaching to new levels, I will observe you teaching either in your own class setting or teaching segments of my classes if you are local to Cairns (video maybe submitted for non- locals). This will be followed with 45 min constructive feedback session, Q & A and specific focus to action.
  • 30% discount on class passes at Cairns Beaches Yoga and Core Life Yoga.

Depending on what is observed in the teaching assessments, this could include:

  • Sequencing feedback – review and advise on sequences
  • Hands on assists skill enhancement
  • Cueing and Alignment Skill enhancement - Understanding of alignment and precision cueing
  • Refinement of Anatomy and Physiology Cueing
  • Teaching Transitions based on healthy bio mechanics
  • Theming - designing, distilling and anchoring your theme so it hits home
  • Intelligent placement of somatic inquiry for deeper emobodiment


Depending on your needs here are a few things we might cover together

  • Owning your WHY – getting clarity around why you teach and your personal definition of success.
  • Getting real about your starting point. Owning strengths, embracing weaknesses and using this as leverage for success.
  • Getting clear about your 'thing' -  unleashing your unique voice and personal style that makes you stand out as a yoga teacher.
  • Moving through roadblocks - self sabotage patterns, limiting beliefs, fears that may be in the way.
  • Consider your own health and wellness and develop a refined home practice that supports you.
  • Creative and skilful teaching methods that highlight your personal style and areas of interest.
  • Guidance around class planning, theming, and sequencing.
  • Guidance around creating workshops, unique offerings, corporate group programs etc
  • Becoming the technician. Develop clear and concise anatomical and physiological language and cues that make sense.
  • TeachingTransitions effectively and elegantly.  Optimising healthy bio mechanics.
  • General advice for various class scenarios – in class injuries, class behaviour and communication, teacher/student relationships, effective teaching techniques and communication.
  • Intelligent placement of somatic inquiry for deeper connection and emobodiment. 
  • Business optimisation and marketing -  branding, website, social media, general promoting (Based on 27 years running businesses in the health and wellness industry)
  • Support in design, organisation and execution of your ideas and goals.
  • Guidance around teaching private lessons.
  • How to price yourself, when to work for free, when not to work for free.

The program itself can be tailored to suit each individual.

Bonus! At the end of this training period, participants will be placed on Cairns Beaches Yoga and Core Life Yoga teacher substitution list.


YOur investment

$990 (inc GST) 

Extra Session: $150 (inc GST) 

Terms and Conditions

Upfront payment of total amount is required.

There are no refunds once the program has commenced. 100% commitment is required.

All sessions in 16 week program must not exceed 18 weeks (this allows space for life's curve balls