LEVEL 1 – 200 HR TT


Our mission is a unified commitment to excellence and innovation in all trainings, programs and in-class experiences. Due to the incredible depth and richness of the curriculum that far exceeds current industry standards, we offer a student experience that is unparalleled. Led by Jen Hamilton and a Senior Facilitation team and held at Core Life Yoga our 200-hour yoga teacher training is one of the most comprehensive courses available, and the foundation to becoming an authentic, effective and impactful yoga teacher.

With a focus on the process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and transformation, students will deepen their own journey while preparing to lead others on the path with skill and authenticity.

This program does not require you to currently teach nor have the desire to teach.

The Core Life 200 HR curriculum focuses on experiential practices of asana, meditation and self-inquiry that will awaken your body and mind, uncovering a sense of your own bodily knowing and wisdom.

Through this felt sense of self, also known as Embodiment leads us to an experience of being comfortable in our own skin. This facilitates self awareness, boundaries, self-esteem, emotional regulation, empathy, enhanced cognitive processing, body related self confidence, greater sense of self-control, enhanced intuition, and a feeling of being both authentic and interconnected with others and your world.

This is the foundation from which great teaching arises.