LEVEL 1 – 200 HR TT


Jen Hamilton is senior facilitator and  director of training. These extraordinary trainings are run through Core Life Yoga.

The mission is a unified commitment to excellence and innovation in all trainings, programs and in-class experiences. Due to the incredible depth and richness of the curriculum that far exceeds current industry standards, we offer a student experience that is unparalleled. Lead by a Senior Facilitation team, our 200-hour yoga teacher training is one of the most comprehensive courses available, and the foundation to becoming a powerful, effective and impactful yoga teacher.

This program does not require you to currently teach nor have the desire to teach. What this program does require is 100% commitment to your own awakening, growth and to fulfilling what matters most to you.

By joining us to become a certified Yoga teacher, you will

Wake Up

The combination of powerful asana practice, meditation and self-inquiry will leave you transformed with greater power, freedom and vitality. Through experiential practices of asana, meditation and self-inquiry you will awaken your body and mind, uncovering a sense of your own bodily knowing and wisdom. Deep Inner Connection is established.

Clean Up

You will be given the necessary tools to develop self-awareness, compassion and resilience, so you can create a better world for yourself and others. Understanding the basic neuroscience of mindfulness and how mindfulness give rise to greater emotional intelligence means you can understand and work with unproductive thoughts, behaviours, limiting beliefs and unhelpful attitudes.

Show Up

You show up authentically. You can self manage and self direct. You honour, respect, know and love yourself. You know who you are and what you want. You will have the skills, tools and insights to become a force of positive personal evolution and authentic leadership. Your outer expression is impactful, you are confident in you ability to offer your unique perspective to yoga and positively impact the lives of others.


What you will learn


Our training is recognised by Yoga Alliance Australia

and focuses on 4 modules.

Module 1: Foundations

Through cognitive understanding, experiential anatomy and somatic exploration “Foundations” module is the launching pad to understanding and embodying anatomy in asana, bio mechanics pranayama and yoga nidra. Through embodiment practices you will tap into the felt sense of different systems of the body, skeletal, organ, endocrine, muscular, developmental, nervous system in order to gain awareness, registry and resonance of these systems as a source for awakenening, movement and expression.

  • Embodied Anatomy & Physiology
  • Embodied Anatomy in Asana ( biomechanics)
  • Embodied Anatomy of Breathing
  • Movement Principles
  • Introduction to Mudra, Pranayamana
  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra

Module 2: Mind & Energetics

This “Mind” Module delves deeply into explorations of consciousness and the rich world of mind-body psychology from a Yogic perspective. Students will continue to gain strong foundations in the practices of body-mind medicine as they are facilitated on a journey towards a felt sense of wholeness.

  • History of Yoga
  • Introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Introduction to Yogic Physiology, Koshas
  • Introduction to Mantra, Mudra , Sanskrit, Chakras and Nadis
  • Yoga Teacher Ethics and Yoga as a Business

Module 3: Body

“Body” Module focuses on discovering the total sense of embodiment from the Core Life Yoga perspective. Using the lens of asana the “Body” module will concentrate on foundational material and principles for integrated movement. This module utilises experiential anatomy, biomechanics and physiology as a platform for effortless and empowered asana.

  • Teaching Principles of Core Life Yoga
  • Embodied Anatomy of Core Life Yoga
  • Embodied Anatomy in Core Life Yoga Asana.  (De-constructing  of  Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Backbends, Seated Poses, Inversions, Arm Balances, Core Poses )  

Module 4: Expression

This “Expression” Module focuses on developing and refining skills in composing and crafting your expression as a teacher. We will explore strategies and tools for teaching Core Life Yoga, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra. An effective yoga class is a mindful blend of many complementary elements: creative yet intelligent class planning and sequencing; educational and appropriate anatomical cues; relevant and inspiring themes; expressive and uplifting language, and much more. . You will develop the capacity to read and respond to the classroom resonance, strengthen your vocal/physical instrument, build confidence to take the seat of the teacher in order to deliver a solid, authentic and professional yoga class. Expressing with confidence and clarity is an art form that will set your teaching apart.

  • Principles of Class Planning
  • Principles of Communication
  • Principles of Sequencing
  • Teaching Basic Pranayama
  • Teaching Basic Yoga Nidra
  • Addressing Common musculoskeletal issues